Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Belated Ruby Birthday Celebrations

After having my big Ruby birthday back in July, we finally got to celebrate it as a family this autumn. Unavoidable 'stuff ' got in the way during the summer so the whole 40th had to be put on hold. My amazing and gorgeous husband and daughter got tickets for us to go and see ' The Proms at The Minack ' in Cornwall. It needed an early start to the day as we were only there for one day and planned to pack in as much as we could possibly squeeze in. Picnics, rugs, blankets, many many layers of warm clothes and hot flasks were bundled into the car and off we went. On our way down, we stopped off at Trerice House which is a national trust property.

Trerice is a small Elizabethan manor house, built in 1573 by Sir John Arundell. 

Olivia made herself right at home amongst the family portraits. I think she fitted in quite well as lady of the manor 

We spent a little over an hour here and although the house was nice and the staff were the friendliest and most knowledgeable we have seen this season, it wasn't a house we would probably re-visit to be honest. Glad we have seen it but there are other houses we would go back to first.

Our next stop is normally our first stop everytime we go to Cornwall and it is a little sad but we always stop for a coffee at Tesco overlooking Carbis Bay round to Hayle   ( I know it does sound sad but the view is fantastic and we are normally in need of a coffee) Where else can you drink your coffee with this view.

The photo really doesn't do it justice, it's taken through the glass with a not so good camera but a great view to drink coffee to !   

Then off to Carbis Bay, where I forgot to take pictures. I'm afraid we just enjoyed the view and playing on the beach......how selfish lol. From here we moved on to St Ives for the regulatory ice cream and fighting with the Cornish seagulls, how is it they always win and get your ice cream ???  After we had been beaten severely by the St Ives seagulls, it was off to Penzance for a look around the town and to grab some supper before the show.


Then one of  our most favourite place in Cornwall, Porthcurno Beach. A trip to the beach with the Minack Theatre up above us on the cliffside. Never been disappointed ever with this beach, always clean and the waves are always there no matter what time of year you go and just fantastically roaring and gorgeous always. This is one place we never miss when we go down there.

If there is something to climb, Olivia will climb it    

After all the excitement of the day, it was time to join the rest of the 'Prommers' and take our seats at the theatre. Flags at the ready and slightly cold by this time, we waited for the band to start playing. The Minack Theatre is another place that everyone should visit at least once. If you get a chance to see a show as well, then take it. The atmosphere of watching a play or concert with the sea crashing over the rocks below is just amazing. Last of the boring photos now, I promise ;)

Dressed for the occasion !!

Thank you to my lovely family for the tickets and the trip, I had an amazing belated birthday and am looking forward to the other two celebration trips. The concert was really good, despite the short but very sharp shower that came through the second they started playing. The theatre even put a firework display on at the end of the show, which was jolly decent of them, must have known it was my Ruby birthday.